The national meteorological center continue to issued a yell

  The central meteorological observatory during 10 today continue to iss

ued a yellow warning: expected 30 January 14 14 and 31, south-central hua

nghuai, jianghuai north-central, jianghan and other places have heavy snow in northern, eastern henan and we

stern mountains, south of shandong, jiangsu, hubei northwest, north of anhui and other places in northern parts of the bliz

zard (10 ~ 18 mm), the area of snow depth of 3 ~ 6 cm, local can reach more than 8 cm.

  Zhoukou, henan snow and rain wind cold wave hit, taking 7 to have big to the blizzard

  Henan province meteorological observatory issued 9 p.m. today wind blue warning, in the next 24 hours, most of the province fr

om north to south turn northerly winds 4 to 5 levels.At the same time there will be rain and snow, in the aft

ernoon to night, henan around the rain turned the snow began to emerge.Henan meteorological station is ex

pected today to the night during the day, in the south of huaihe river to the heavy rain and sleet;Huanghuai between lig

ht rain turn moderate snow or sleet, pingdingshan, zhumadian, zhoukou, luohe, xuchang, shangqiu, large parts o