Hong Kong Starlight Avenue reopens to creorld-class seaside land

Starlight Avenue optimization project in Hong Kong for more than three years, started i

n October 2015, aims to provide a more comfortable and leisurely seaside gathering place for citizens and tourists. Spea

king at the reopening ceremony, the Permanent Secretary-General of the Home Affairs Bureau of the Hong Kong Specia

l Administrative Region, Xie Ling Jiezhen, said that Starlight Avenue would become a world-class beach landmark with a

new look, a better visual sense of beauty and a more complete function. She said: “We are confident that the opti

mized Starlight Avenue will definitely become a world-renowned landmark of Hong Kong, making the public more pro

ud of Hong Kong, and making tourists more interested in coming to Hong Kong.”

This optimization project is led by the development of the

new world, and many top international design and construction teams are introduced to construct it. Star

light Avenue is situated on the site of Victoria Harbour, injecting a lot of greening and near-water elements into th

e project, greatly enhancing the attractiveness of Starlight Avenue and brightening the beach of Tsimshatsui. Xue Na