And if that fails, MPs are likely to vote again Thursday on

  requesting a delay to Brexit from the EU.May’s beleaguered deal and its widely expected parliamentary defeat goes to show that the job of untangling more than fo

ur decades of European integration is struggling to live up to the lofty promises of the 2016 referendum campaign.

  The hubris and fantastical claims sold by many Brexit-supporting politicians — and indeed some remainers — are now facing their m

oment of truth as the deadline for the UK’s withdrawal from the EU looms large.

  As some companies jump ship, retailers stockpile products and fears of medicine shortages run high, one thing is becoming

clear: The utopia that many of the 17.4 million Brexit voters dreamed of may be undeliverable.Because it’s 2015 …” Mo

st Canadians will recognize that statement as Justin Trudeau’s simple explanation for the diversity and historic gen

der balance of his cabinet, sworn in November 2015 after the Liberal Party’s landslide victory in the federal election.

  Trudeau’s gender parity move in the cabinet firmly placed the f

ormer high school teacher as the country’s feminist prime minister, and on the global stage, Trude

au was a breath of fresh air, fit-for-purpose in the age of selfies, #MeToo, and squeaky clean politics. Many were entr

anced by his physical appearance, compassionate demeanor and seemingly insatiable appetite for photos with fans: Vanity

Fair called him “the shining beacon of liberalism in North America,” and images of world leaders and celeb

rities appearing to swoon in his presence became the internet meme “Prime Minister Steal-Your-Girl.”