The notice stressed that management of tourism sites sh

should substantially reduce ticket prices for off-season and peak season. Price reduction for all tickets cannot be replac

d with lower prices for tickets bought through certain channels and for certain groups or schedules.

In the meantime, supervision should be strengthened for the price

of transportation vehicles, cable cars, cruise ships, parking and other services.

Weaving and preferential policies of tickets for designated groups, including soldiers, juveni

les, old people and those with disabilities, should be fully carried out, the document added.China will train ab

out a million farmers this year to use pesticides in a more environmentally-friendly way and promote green de

velopment of the agricultural sector, said the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs.

The training will be conducted by the ministry’s national agricultural technol

ogy promotion center, with assistance from the China Crop Protection Industry Association, the non

governmental organization Crop Life China, and the China Association of Pesticide Development and Application.