Taiwan separatists, US slammed for interaction

A spokesman for the Chinese mainland slammed the United States and Taiwan separatists on Wednesday for try

ing to undermine China’s territorial integrity with their recent military interactions and pro-secession rhetoric.

Ma Xiaoguang, spokesman for the State Council Taiwan Affairs Office, said at a news conference on Wednesday that China resol

utely opposes any official interaction or military dialogue between the US and Taiwan.

“The US should handle the Taiwan question carefully and prop

erly, so as not to damage Sino-US ties, or peace and security in the Taiwan Straits,” he said.

Experts said such actions are detrimental to peace and sec

urity across the Taiwan Straits, as separatists are desperate to win votes in the elec

tion next year by hyping security issues and attempting to draw international support for their goal.

Last week, the American Institute in Taiwan officially acknowle

dged that military personnel have been posted at its office since 2005, and US weapons man

ufacturer Raytheon was granted a $9 million contract to upgrade Taiwan’s Patriot missile defense system.