But the US is pragmatic. It will give some degree of sup

ort and hope to Taiwan’s current administration, but it will not defend Taiwan with actual soldie

rs,” he said. “The Taiwan residents have various needs, but security and economic development are the top two priorities.”

He added: “If the island’s prosecession faction were to play the securi

ty card so much that it disrupted the peace and security of the Taiwan Straits, the voters in Tai

wan will not support the DPP and separatists because they do not want to risk conflict with the mainland.”

Xiu Chunping, a researcher at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences’ Institute of Taiwan Studies, said the recen

t radical rhetoric by DPP leaders was intended to draw attention to pro-secession politicians and voters.

“The DPP is desperate because its administra

tion has no better way to generate attention and support for the upcom

ing election,” she said. “Recent support from the US also gave them some confidence to boast.”