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Chinese premier congratulates on 65th anniversary of

  Chinese Premier Li Keqiang on Thursday sent a congratulatory message to an event commemorating the 65th anniver

sary of the “Icebreaking Mission” in China-Britain trade held by Britain’s 48 Group Club.

  In the message, Li said that over the past more than 60 years, British friends including the 48 Gro

up Club have been actively promoting trade and cultural exchanges between the two countries, fa

cilitating the process of China’s reform and opening-up, and also enhancing bilateral win-win cooperation.

  The “icebreakers” spirit not only shows the willingness of the British pe

ople to develop friendly cooperation with China, but also demonstrates that the

development momentum of human society towards a more open and inclusive future is unstoppable, Li said.

  In 1954, Jack Perry, the founder of London Export Corporation, led a group of 48 British businessmen on a historic tr

ade mission to Beijing and helped deliver one of the first modern-day trade links with China.

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AI composite anchor haze serious more than 400 school

Bangkok has risen to the seventh most polluted city in the world, with an air qua

lity index of 171, according to the global air quality ranking updated in real tim

e by Lahore, Pakistan, ranked first, followed by Kolkata, India, and Dhaka, Bangladesh.

The increase of PM 2.5 concentration in local air is mainly caused by seasonal incin

eration forests. In addition, many construction sites and vehicle exhaust in the county also have an impact.

Mr. Asawin Kwanmuang, the mayor of Bangkok, revealed today (1.30) that in order to alleviate the haze in Bangkok an

d its surrounding prefectures, he had communicated with the Hawthorne UAV Association or would use 50 small UAVs, eac

h carrying containers containing 10 liters of molasses + water mixture, to spray over Bangkok.

Thai Prime Minister Bayu said on the same day that the government was making every effort to deal with the haze problem, i

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King Lin Yun lip-synching mouth in mainland, net frien

Mainland king in starring film, 28, a minor role in the sh

ape is very good, after in reality show “the high-energy youth club,” make you

more to get to know this big bo

y, although we often put focus on mainland king’s mouth, in spite of this,

he sunshine personality also let man

y people fall in love with him.Lin Yun once in the TV series bucket broken sky,

after the red is more low-key, so recently L

in Yun and mainland king came on lip-synching, also immediately on the hot

search, eagle-eyed Internet quickly found the problem.

On January 29th, the king of the mainland and Lin Yun in hunan TV’s

Spring Festival gala, when two people sing “you hav

e only to feel”, found that most of the time mouth is and lyrics in, not slow is fast, netizens criticized for hu

nan satellite TV is too elaborate, a lot of people need to stage, and have the stage

and not by heart, then to the au

dience why?For those efforts in terms of singing or dancing too, they need only a

stage to prove yourself, so to attract eve

ryone’s attention or make people dislike.Originally broadcast by hunan

satellite TV program, it is very let people like

, like “happy camp”, “day day up” these programs over the years, also did not let

you down, how to meet the Spring Fe

stival evening party when this program is so elaborate?Still say heart isn’t this

above, so the significance of host a party?

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Comments Off on Hong Kong Starlight Avenue reopens to creorld-class seaside land

Hong Kong Starlight Avenue reopens to creorld-class seaside land

Starlight Avenue optimization project in Hong Kong for more than three years, started i

n October 2015, aims to provide a more comfortable and leisurely seaside gathering place for citizens and tourists. Spea

king at the reopening ceremony, the Permanent Secretary-General of the Home Affairs Bureau of the Hong Kong Specia

l Administrative Region, Xie Ling Jiezhen, said that Starlight Avenue would become a world-class beach landmark with a

new look, a better visual sense of beauty and a more complete function. She said: “We are confident that the opti

mized Starlight Avenue will definitely become a world-renowned landmark of Hong Kong, making the public more pro

ud of Hong Kong, and making tourists more interested in coming to Hong Kong.”

This optimization project is led by the development of the

new world, and many top international design and construction teams are introduced to construct it. Star

light Avenue is situated on the site of Victoria Harbour, injecting a lot of greening and near-water elements into th

e project, greatly enhancing the attractiveness of Starlight Avenue and brightening the beach of Tsimshatsui. Xue Na

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Zhangjiakou chamber boiler exploded WeChat public release

According to zhangjiakou WeChat public release news, about 16 PM on January 30, sig b

ath center in qiaodong district zhangjiakou red flag (electric) of the boi

ler in a boiler explosion safety accidents, killing 2 people on the spot, two people were injured.At present, the inj

ured have been sent to the hospital.Rescue workers rushed to the scene at the first time for disposal.

Do WeChat public letter according to the destination network number one hundred destination, the cause of the acc

ident to sig bath center to the illegal use of obsolete coal-fired boiler, the boiler door ring and furnace joint cr

acking, soda pop out sharply, the boiler exploded.Accident suspect in crime, was under control.

The Spring Festival approaching, im

mediately zhangjiakou such accident, painful.At work and in daily life, we must pay

attention to safety, to avoid accidents.Work for a year, in the Chinese New Year is the greatest thing.

It is understood that after the accident, sig business club has been suspen

ded.Club in the evening, sig of the brand that hung on the door closed, empty inside.

Source: zhangjiakou release, destination in one hundred, zhangjiakou circle of friends

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The national meteorological center continue to issued a yell

  The central meteorological observatory during 10 today continue to iss

ued a yellow warning: expected 30 January 14 14 and 31, south-central hua

nghuai, jianghuai north-central, jianghan and other places have heavy snow in northern, eastern henan and we

stern mountains, south of shandong, jiangsu, hubei northwest, north of anhui and other places in northern parts of the bliz

zard (10 ~ 18 mm), the area of snow depth of 3 ~ 6 cm, local can reach more than 8 cm.

  Zhoukou, henan snow and rain wind cold wave hit, taking 7 to have big to the blizzard

  Henan province meteorological observatory issued 9 p.m. today wind blue warning, in the next 24 hours, most of the province fr

om north to south turn northerly winds 4 to 5 levels.At the same time there will be rain and snow, in the aft

ernoon to night, henan around the rain turned the snow began to emerge.Henan meteorological station is ex

pected today to the night during the day, in the south of huaihe river to the heavy rain and sleet;Huanghuai between lig

ht rain turn moderate snow or sleet, pingdingshan, zhumadian, zhoukou, luohe, xuchang, shangqiu, large parts o

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Just send the 10000 year-end bonuses, company license

  Just send 10000 yuan annual bonus if still nothing, that combined with company’s charter, impo

rtant contract documents, and so on, all is lost, it is by no means a trifling matter!Can be in two days

ago, ms liang in banan (not her real name), suddenly found that the envelope containing these things out of sight.

  Immediately, ms liang mind feels “om”, almost collapsed.”Th

is year to zha yo.”Ms liang know, just lost his year-end bonus

es, it’s not too big, the problem is the lost important documents of the company, that it will keep up the job.

  But fortunately, when ms liang to phone call to the los

t and found center, the staff told her, from chongqing city taxi

co., LTD. Continuous into a new branch of gotland Ceng Dehui already her envelope to submit.

  The upstream journalists Hu jie view is

  In this paper, by the number of the author to

upload and publish, hundred only provide information publishing platform.Article only on behalf of the auth

or’s point of view, does not represent baidu position.Without the permission of the author and may not be reproduced.

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Beijing comprehensive screening WeChat of primary and

It is reported, on January 29, the Beijing municipal education commission anno

unced on the strengthening of primary and secondary schools APP account management, Internet groups, the p

ublic notice.Notice requires that each area should be used in middle and primary schools in the March 1 APP, We

Chat group, QQ group, and WeChat public number, a comprehensive checking twitter accounts.

Notification requirements, once found in the process of trying to contain p

ornographic violence, online games, commercial advertising content and link

s, such as using chaozuoye, make of exams, reported scores ranking exam-oriented education means such as inc

reasing student schoolwork burden, dissemination of illegal information, and other unfavorable to students’ healthy gro

wth problem, should immediately stop using, uninstall the APP, unsubscribe business group, dissolution, can

cel the attention or cancellation of public accounts, to report suspected of illegal network information management and

the public security departments for investigation.At the same time, and school districts to adopt a variety of ways to

remind parents carefully install and use the APP for primary and middle school students.

Notice is put forward to build system of double review of them APP, first choose r

eview carried out by the school, again by district education commission for the reco

rd review.Enter the campus of the APP to service education teaching effectively, cont

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Police in northeast China Daily: the phone infuriate the

  A northeast police “suspect” about frame to capture video, recently became the source of joy for netizens.Th

e video tells the story of heilongjiang province in 2018 red xinglong anti-drug brigade public s

ecurity bureau police foiled one drug cases.The case cause red xinglong public security bureau traffic police bri

gade seized an unlicensed drivers.After testing found that the drivers smoked meth, it passed to the bra

nch of narcotics squad, after the police began to ultimately traced the source of the drug.

  In the process of track suspects, through the investigation, the police lock the suspected of drug and

the official said.But in one of the suspected drug Jin Yanlong capture process, the police have enc

ountered a problem: the police of its data is limited, only one don’t know whether still use cell phone number, and the

suspect oneself also is cunning, worried that protects would startle the police made a difficult.

  The police finally decided to play the mobile phone number to see case, did not think of suspect really answered the phone

with police quarrel happened.Police decided to countermine the derivation, the “straight” suspect as exp

ected rise to the bait, and civilian police agreed to meet after twenty minutes.

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Comments Off on The subway will automatic driving, the fastest rail passe

The subway will automatic driving, the fastest rail passe

  The Beijing news alerts (reporter Ma Jinqian) this morning (January 29) of the first to realize the automatic driving train made its debut in t

he new airport line, the top design speed of 160 kilometers, which is currently the country’s fastest rail t

ransit passenger cars, according to the relevant person in charge of Beijing rail transit construction, train plan syn

chronization in September this year with the Beijing daxing international airport opened trial operation.

  On January 29, 2019, the new airport line train in test run.Photography/Beijing news reporter PuFeng

  The fastest area automatic rail transit passenger cars

  The new airport is Beijing’s first regional rapid rail transit line.Compared with s

tandard metro 80 km per hour, the new airport line design of double speed to 1

60 km/hour.From grass bridge to the new airport, about 40 kilometers, only 19 minutes.

  Lines to the new airport is also following the yan room in Beijing after the second automatic dr

iving circuit, unmanned condition.Train according to auto

matic driving and line operation needs, additional obstacle detection and derailment inspection device, solid wheel rim

lubrication device.Train braking system is designed in accordance with the principle of fault oriented security, to ens

ure that the electric bus braking system control and reliable action, make it have the initial speed of 160 km/h